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Reports and Presentations



Studies and Reports (PDF Files)(size)
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Dalworthington Gardens oil and gas lease - 2007 (86KB)

Tarrant County Oil and Gas Lease, 2007 (45KB)

City of Irving Oil and Gas Lease, 2007 (49KB)

Hill County Oil and Gas Lease, 2006 (3MB)

1918 Oil and Gas Lease (600KB)

Glossary of Oil and Gas Terms (80KB)

Barnett Shale Economic Impact Study (12MB)

Barnett Shale Overview

Barnett Shale - Not So Simple (11MB)

Barnett Shale - 25 Year Overnight Success (12MB)

Humble Barnett Shale Assessment (37MB)

USGS Barnett Shale Assessment (2MB)

Barnett Shale Groundwater Avalability Study (8MB)

Texas RRC Barnett Shale Update, 2007 (7MB)

Leasing and Royalty Payments (PDF Files)(size)

Landowners Guide to Oil and Gas Leasing (47MB)

Minerals, Surface Rights and Royalty Payments (1MB)

Hints on Negotiating an Oil and Gas Lease (2MB)

Terminating an Oil and Gas Lease (93KB)

Texas Royalty Reporting Laws (207KB)

Recent Rulings Affecting Oil and Gas Leases 2007 (32KB)

Mineral Rights and Cotenants (480KB)

Risky Business: Mineral Sales By Mail (182KB)

Scrutinizing Royalty Payments (78KB)

Company Presentations (PDF) (size)

Chesapeake Barnett Shale Report, 2007 (900KB)

Devon Horizontal Drilling Report (4MB)

Devon Barnett Shale Presentation, 2007 (500KB)

Range Resources Report , 08/17/2007 (5MB)

Westside Energy, 04/2007 (6MB)

Pipelines and Transportation (PDF) (size)

U.S. Gas Pipeline Network (4KB)

Federal Pipeline Regulation (3MB)

Lonestar Midstream Pipeline Maps (2MB)


Barnett Shale Operators

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